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Time To Load Up! Five Add-Ons To Make Your Toyota A Family Friendly Haven

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Searching for a new vehicle can be a daunting experience. Trying to find an automobile that fits the complex needs of your family may even feel overwhelming. Instead of searching for a vehicle that comes with everything you need, consider adding there family friendly add-ons to the automobile that meets your main expectations. These add-ons turn any Toyota vehicle into an area suitable for a family with children.

1. Cargo Area Cover

Families tend to tote a plethora of items in their cargo area, such as pricey sports gear, strollers, clothing, musical instruments, and portable electronic devices. A cargo area cover lets you hide these expensive items from potential thieves. Just pull the cover out, and secure it into place. Once you are through using it, the cover conveniently rolls or slides back into its holding device until its next usage.

2. Paint Protection Film

Paint protection film is a smart addition to keep the exterior of your car looking as good as new. The film consists of invisible urethane layers that shield your car's paint job from accidental scratches and dings. The next time your child inadvertently runs a bicycle or scooter into your vehicle, you can breathe easy knowing that the paint is protected.

3. Cargo Liner

Kids are notorious for having messy clothing, sports equipment, and outside toys. The last thing you want to do is get the interior of your vehicle soiled. Instead, fit the cargo area of your automobile with a cargo liner. This add-on provides a protective barrier between even the most extreme messes and your car's interior. When it gets dirty, simply take the liner out of your vehicle for a quick cleaning.

4. Remote Engine Starter

As a parent, it is difficult trying to juggle the diaper bag, groceries, kids, and your car keys. Help make trips easier with a remote engine starter. Instead of trying to guide your keys into the small key hole, start your car with the press of a button.

You can also use the remote engine starter to turn on the air conditioner or heat, ensuring your vehicle is at a comfortable temperature when you are ready to leave.

5. Universal Tablet Holder

Every parent knows the struggle of having their children fight and squabble over who gets to hold the tablet during a road trip. Put an end to this fight by fitting your Toyota with a universal tablet holder. This device securely holds the tablet in place so that all of your children can enjoy a movie when on the road. 

Parents know that even the smallest details make a significant difference. Integrate these add-ons into your next Toyota to make it a place where your family enjoys spending time.