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4 Car Tech Features That Are Worth Investing In

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When looking to purchase a new car, there is a wide range of tech features on the market today. With so many tech features, it is essential to know which ones are worth investing in.

Tech Feature #1: Blind Spot Warning System

When it comes to safety features, there are a lot of new ones on the market. However, the best safety feature to invest in is a blind-spot warning system. Blindspot warning systems continue to advance, becoming more useful and more precise. They have been shown actually to reduce accidents, and they can provide you with peace of mind when backing up and switching lanes. Blindspot warning systems help increase your safety and are worth investing in.

Tech Feature #2: Bluetooth Interfaces

Second, you are going to want to look for Bluetooth interfaces. You should be able to access hands-free calling in your vehicle and integrate your navigation system with your car's dashboard to more easily use your navigation system. Look for a vehicle that works with the particular type of phone that you use and will allow you to use your phone with your vehicle.

Tech Feature #3: Heated and Cooled Seats

Third, you are going to want to look for a vehicle with heated and cooled seats. Heated and cooled seats are a comfort and convenience feature that is worth paying for. Heated seats make your vehicle much more comfortable in the winter and will help you warm up when jumping into your vehicle on a cold day. Cooled seats will make your vehicle more comfortable when it is really hot outside and will save you from having to sit on a scorching hot seat.

Tech Feature #4: Lane Departure Warning/ Lane Centered Steering 

Finally, you will want to consider a lane-departure warning system or a lane-centered steering system, both of which are different names for the same type of system. These systems use low-cost cameras that pick up on the paint on the side of the road and use that to keep you inside the lanes or warn you if you are drifting out of the lanes. This technology will help you stay focused and stay in your lane when you are driving. It will help reduce the chance of sideswiping another car or just losing focus when driving.

When it comes to purchasing a new vehicle, you are going to want to choose car tech features that are worth investing in, such as a blind-spot warning system, Bluetooth interface, heated and cooled seats, and a lane departure warning or lane-centering system. A local dealership, like a Nissan dealership, can help you find a car with the features you are looking for.