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When Used Cars May Be the Better Choice

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Some people choose to only buy new cars, and others always make it a point to buy used cars. There are a lot of things that can determine whether someone should go with a new or used car. You can read on some times when a used car would likely be the best option in the following information: 

You are buying a car for your teenager

If you are buying a car for your young driver, then you should think about making it a used car for many reasons. For one thing, new drivers are often the hardest on their first cars. These are usually the cars that teach them just how important it is to make sure the car is serviced on time and the fluids are regularly checked. Also, the first car is the one that's going to take the bumps and bangs new drivers often experience when they do things like pull up too closely to poles in parking lots and so on. It's going to be less of a financial blow to have your young driver make these mistakes and go through these learning experiences with a used car, rather than a brand new one. 

You are buying a second car

If you are buying a second car that is going to spend much of the time sitting in the driveway because it's only used 'as-needed', then you may want it to be a used car. There isn't really a good reason to take on another large monthly bill for a car that's not even going to be driven all that often. By getting a used car, you will have the car you need when you need it, but you can pay much less for it and you might even be able to pay cash outright for the car. 

You don't want the responsibility of a new car

You may want to get a used car if you don't want to take on the responsibility that comes with a brand-new car. For example, the car manufacturer will provide instructions on how to drive the new car in order to break it in. Instead, you may want a car you can get in and drive just as you would any other car. Also, you might not like feeling like you have to park way out in parking lots, just so nothing happens to your brand-new car. If you feel you'd do best in a car you don't have to stress out so much about, then a used car may be best.