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3 Things To Remember When Taking Your Car In For A Collision Repair

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If your car has been in some type of collision, you are likely going to need to take your car into a car shop such as Widrick Auto Sales to be repaired. This process can take some time, but it is definitely worth it to have your car looking as good as new and running well again. You will just want to make sure that you do a few things during the process to ensure that everything goes well. This article will discuss 3 things to remember when taking your car in for a collision repair. 

Call Around To Find The Best Body Shop

Because different body shops are going to offer different prices for their services, as well as different services altogether, you want to be sure that you find the car shop that is going to meet your needs the best. Call around and ask for different bids on the repair or repairs that you need, and also ask how long the repair will likely take. This will help you to find the car shop that will be able to fix your car for the best price and in a reasonable amount of time. 

Be Sure To Contact Your Insurance

If you have insurance on your car, then you may be able to get the repair paid for. You should contact your insurance soon after your accident and begin working with them. They will let you know if your body work is covered. Sometimes, if the work doesn't exceed the deductible amount, then you will need to pay for it on your own, but calling in to make sure is still an excellent idea because you may be able to save hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars. If you find out that the body work is covered, be sure to give all of your car insurance information to the body shop that will be performing the repair for you. 

Plan For Alternative Transportation

Since the repair will likely take more than one day, you need to be sure that you have planned for alternative transportation before you ever take your car into the car shop. You can either have a family member follow you to the shop when you are dropping off your car, so you can ride home with them. You can also call a cab or plan for some other type of public transportation to pick you up. A rental car may even be provided for you by your insurance company if the accident wasn't your fault. Planning for this ahead of time can help things to go much more smoothly for you.