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4 Things To Check When Purchasing A Used Vehicle

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When you are purchasing a used vehicle you know that you are purchasing a vehicle that has been driven before. However, you still want to purchase a vehicle that is in good condition, and purchase a vehicle that has a solid history.

Look Closely at Each Body Panel

First, spend some time looking closely at each body panel on the vehicle. Look at the doors, the hood, the roof, and the trunk. Get down on level with the car, and look at it from side to side. Make sure that you don't see any dents, scratches, or rust on the vehicle. Looking closely at each body panel and getting down on level with the car is the best way to do this.

Examine The Seams on the Car

Second, after looking at each body panel, stand up and take a look at the seams. Stand back from the car and follow the seams that run along the body panel, around the fenders, and along the doors. Look at the seams and make sure that they line up when you follow the lines.

If the lines are not straight as you follow them, that could be a sign of body damage or modification. Be sure to ask and examine those parts of the vehicle more closely.

Be Wary of Rust

Third, by very wary of rust. Rust is basically like a virus that can spread and ruin your vehicle. It can damage not only the body of a vehicle but the structural components of the vehicle as well. Rust can literally eat away at important components on a vehicle such as the shocks, brakes, and even the engine. Investing in a rust-out vehicle is usually not a good investment.

Check Out the Tires

Finally, look at the tread on the tires closely. The tread on the tires can give you insight into the vehicle. If the tread is worn out evenly on the tire, that lets you know that everything is okay with the suspension on the vehicle. If the tread is worn out on either the inside or outside edge of the tire, that is more than likely due to an alignment issue. If there is feathered wear on the tire, that is probably caused by excessive toe and caster with the alignment. The wear on the tires can tell you about the vehicle alignment or suspension.

When purchasing a used vehicle, you want to make sure that the vehicle is still in solid shape. Be wary of a used vehicle with damaged body panels, misaligned seams, rust, or uneven tire tread.

Reach out to someone who sells used SUVs and cars in your area to get more information and to start shopping for your vehicle!